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Punta Leona: A paradise destination and ideal for the Digital Nomad.

Hotel Punta Leona is much more than you can imagine, it is an ideal destination for digital nomads, but what  is a digital nomad? Are you a digital nomad?  

Digital nomads are workers and tourists who use the internet to perform their job from a remote location. In other words, they are people who are able to work remotely from places like Punta Leona. With a longer term stay and excellent internet Access, Punta Leona offers the perfect accommodation for the "nomadic lifestyle. With it’s laid back atmosphere, beautiful beaches and miles of forest trails one can work and enjoy the peaceful serenity of Costa Rica warm weather, great beaches and the tranquility of costarican culture.

As Costa Rica is in the sights of those who seek to combine pleasure with work, Hotel Punta Leona offers the best of both worlds, from our beautiful facilities and beaches, internet Access is  available throughout the Resort not limiting you to work only from your room. As digital nomads nearly always carry their work in the backpack or phone, it is important that access is available for on-line conferencing whenever needed.

In this new world of work, it is increasingly difficult to separate the nomad worker from long term tourists or residents. For this introduction, Punta Leona offers the perfect first stop for the transition to a new country, culture and new work environment. Punta Leona strives to be more competitive providing greater advantage and benefits for those who practice digital nomadism.

In Hotel Punta Leona, we have made the decision to open our facilities, if your interest is in being a digital nomad.

For that reason, we prepared some recommendations to turn your work around in the traditional office or from the normality of your home and thus guide you to be a digital nomad, no matter that you already live in Costa Rica, because yes, even if you live in Costa Rica, you can become a digital nomad from your own country.

Here are the 5 tips to be much more than a tourist, a digital nomad informed and targeted from  Hotel Punta Leona):


It may be an amazing thing, but if your responsibilities or career stage don't allow you, it's best to be patient and train yourself to achieve it. This is not to say that it is a privilege of few; This  lifestyle can be for all kinds of professionals who have the availability to do their work from anywhere while connected and willing to be ordered with their time, to work and enjoy.


A digital nomad is a person who can do their job from anywhere in the world over the internet (that's why "digital") and who choose to change locations every certain amount of time. Many believe that to be a digital nomad you have to be a travel blogger or that is the only way to finance a life in motion, and this leads to your selection requirements being based mainly on 2 aspects, connectivity and place for optimal enjoyment for your digital nomadism.


In our opinion (and according to the experience of other digital nomads we have met in), if you work remotely from Hotel and Club Punta Leona while traveling you will have to move very slowly than on a"traditional" trip. We know that some people find it very difficult to sit down to work if you change places every two or three days and if they have to be refitting and reinstalling (physically and mentally) each week, that's why the concept of long-stay destination, comfortable, safe, with facilities and locations that allow them to connect and experience tourism at the same time.

#4 ON & OFF

Being a digital nomad means you can know when it's vital to be connected to your computer or cell phone, but also when you need to pause the role of a worker. Being in a completely different routine to your traditional lifestyle, you run the risk of making your work consume all the time and mind, generating an opposite effect on the long-stay experience, in which in addition to enjoying the amenities and landscapes  of Hotel Punta Leona. Dedicate yourself to know more people, sites and ideas.


While talking about such a flexible system might sound chaotic, the truth is that an indispensable aspect is to be organized, as well as to convince yourself that you are doing something that not only gives money, but it is passionate. So enjoy your profession if you disconnect, it will be vital not to be distracted easily since as we said before, it is a lifestyle and how such, you have to live in perfect harmony with what you do daily, from your next destination,  as will Hotel Punta Leona.

In the face of all this, we cannot overlook that we have unique characteristics, such as peace, tranquility, the kindness of Costa Ricans and with the opening of the telecommunications market, the country offers connectivity possibilities for different bandwidths with different private companies and the state to be able to operate the one that suits you the most, an aspect that we take very well from our hotel.

That's why remember that if you are deciding to perform digital nomadism in Costa Rica, in Hotel Punta Leona, we have a plan that in addition to giving you a discount and including breakfasts, you can live in the best of the beach and the best of the city, enjoying the best of Costa Rica, whether individually or with your family.


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