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Costa Rica Pura Vida

Costa Rica is an internationally recognized country for the warmth of its people and the preservation of its natural resources. There are many factors to be considered, and which contribute to making our country stand out in such a way. The expression Pura Vida is for everyday use and could be translated as everything is fine, zero stress, happy, or relax – there’s no hurry!

This small country has only 51,100 square kilometers, of which 20% of the territory is designated for reserves and national parks. It is estimated to be the habitat for more than 500,000 species, which represents 6% of the world's biodiversity. Among the most famous parks is Carara, which in the indigenous language Huetar, means "Rio de lagartos" (“Crocodile river”).  It’s known as a biological corridor and habitat for its great diversity of exotic flora and fauna.

It is a preferred location for lovers of bird watching, one of those birds being the Scarlet Macaw that delights us with its strong red, yellow and blue colors. It is important to note that the Maya culture associated red with sunlight, yellow with the sun and blue with the sky. It is also worth mentioning that these birds fly in groups and communicate through high-pitched screeches.

Carara is the first national park to have universal access facilities, and it is clearly evident that the big trees are the perfect complement to this wealth of natural beauty.

In this same area, less than 20 minutes away, you will find Hotel Punta Leona, a refuge for more than 300 species of birds and with large areas of forest that are complemented by a turquoise sea that bathes the beaches.

But your experience does not end there because at Hotel Punta Leona Alex Barboza, a naturalist guide awaits you. He is a self declared lover and protector of nature.   He is educated in this field and his studies have led him to make his profession his true passion. For Alex, the chains or links of living things is what produces this wonderful connection we call the environment.

In the last 8 years he has served as resident guide for Hotel Punta Leona, which he describes as a paradise located in the middle of two majestic life zones. One is dry forest to the north and the other is rain forest to the south, and together they complement the scenery of the Costa Rican central Pacific.

Punta Leona is an extraordinary place and home to incalculable natural riches.  Although many don’t know so much about its flora and fauna, it can be found in every corner of this forest.

The variety and natural richness is captivating to the point that it makes one forget about the daily stresses of life and even contemplate staying forever in the midst of the peace and nobility of this magical environment.


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