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Natural Spa

Hotel Punta Leona - Natural Spa


The possible schedule to book would be from 8 am to 4 pm

  •  Swedish Massage $60

    Very relaxing massage, his steps and technologies are very soft and slow managing hereby to transport you to an environment of peace and easing. Duration 50 minutes.

  •  Therapeutic Massage $60

    Massage that possesses diverse technologies as: roses frictions, kneadings, and deep pressures in muscular contractions helping to relieve fatigue and the muscular pains. Duration 50 minutes.

  •  Deep Tissue $75

    It is an intense massage across strong and deep maneuvers that allow relieving the muscular tensions like contractions and spasms.Duration 50 minutes.

  •  Hot stones massage $77

    The heat of the stones creates an effect of sedation drinking an immediate welfare state to the body. By means of these stones the therapist can work the deep muscles relieving the muscular tension.Duration 75 minutes.

  •  Aromatherapy $62

    Very relaxing massage with technologies soft and interrupted with the help of essential essences, achieving the easing furthermore pleasant satisfying his senses. Duration 60 minutes.

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