About Us

The Hotel Punta Leona is located in the district of Tarcoles, Garabito, province of Puntarenas, just 60 minutes from the city of San José.

Punta Loena Beach Hotel philosophy

  • We are a tourist and leisure company, whose pioneer vision is characterized by environmental protection and social responsaibility. We strive to provide high quality services to our customers and club members, within a family, quiet and safe environement and to fully satisfy their needs for enternainment and relaxation.

  • By the year 2020:

    • Strengthen our position as one of the main tourist destinations while preserving our sustainable culture and our family approach as a one of our core differentiator
    • Promote sustainability in all its aspects, from an environmental to a cultural standpoint.
    • Become a reference on the labor market as an employer and be recognized for our high sense of social responsibility and quality.
    • Strengthen our relationship with our Club Members and make them feel part of a unique club throughout the overall quality of our services.
    • Maintain a culture of continuous improvement within our organization and keep striving for high quality standards.

    An organization that strengthens:

    • Security within the Hotel and Club, with the clear vision to provide a “Family, quiet and safe atmosphere in order to fully satisfy our guest’s entertainment and relaxation needs”.
    • The quality of life among its customers, in terms physical exercise, diet and stress management.
  • In addition to our Mission, we share the following values:

    • Business vision, productivity in the use of resources, sustainability and care of nature.
    • SProviding a service that creates values for our customers and members.
    • Integridad en nuestros actos y relaciones personales, y respeto a la diversidad.
    • Motivation and communication which translates into passion for quality.
    • Clinging management system and continuous improvement.