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Avistamiento de ballenas jorobadas en Punta Leona

Naturalists from all over the world visit Costa Rica with the hope of seeing one of the most impressive marine shows: the sighting of huge humpback whales, which jump and swim along with their calves.

Hotel Punta Leona, hotel de playa en Costa Rica

The half term gave us a break with the school holidays. The sun, sand and sea were the perfect allies to enjoy a well-deserved rest. Going to the beach is a whole therapy, not only for our mind and spirit, but also for our body, which makes us thankful for the benefits of sea water.

Family vacations at Punta Loena Beach

Half-term arrives and with it the need to recharge the batteries. The school holidays help us to get that needed "time out" and there’s nothing better than spending a few days with the family on the beach to rejuvenate.

Disfruta Punta Leona

What would a day at the beach be without a refreshing dip in the sea? If for you vacations and adventure smell of salt, you will discover that at Hotel Punta Leona there are a thousand ways to enjoy the sea: you can go diving to see colorful fish in their turquoise waters or float on the water to admire the landscape.