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Hotel Punta Leona is a privileged place for bird watching

The observation and study of birds is one of the most simple and at the same time captivating leisure and tourism practices.

This hobby is based on the art of recognizing different species of birds, looking at their plumage and listening to their sounds.

Punta Leona is a true ornithological natural paradise. The presence of a transition forest, where species from the north and south converge, as well as some migratory birds like the bellbird, allow the traveler to observe different species on the same day.

In low seasons, usually on a bird watching tour from 15 to 25 species can be observed, while in times of migration (summer) up to 40 different species can be observed. According to the bird count that has been made in the last three years, in Punta Leona it is possible to observe more than 200 species, such as scarlet macaws, the guans, toucans, bellbirds, trogons, owls, tyrant flycatchers, jumping bird, eagles, etc.

Some people make lists showing how many birds they see in a particular area; others keep their list of all the species they have seen throughout their life. "Each one goes in and adapts this hobby to their taste. Here the important thing is to want to look for birds, to have a lot of patience, prudence and to be silent, because to see birds is a matter of opportunity ", explains Alex Barboza, naturalist guide of Hotel Punta Leona.

This is an attractive and different way to get closer and enjoy our visits to Hotel Punta Leona, learn more about its natural wealth, learn to appreciate it and cultivate a beautiful hobby that invites us to enjoy, feel and live nature in a different way.

So sharpen your eye and when you visit us, check out our guided walks through the private reserve, as well as the bird watching tours offered by Hotel Punta Leona.

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