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5 razones para ir a la playa en temporada baja

Of course: the vast majority of us appreciate the human contact and the atmosphere of a holiday spot with people around us.

But, at the same time, surely it has happened to you when it is high season that you don’t want to deal with traffic jams, long lines, the noise, the lack of space on the beach...

Has it ever occurred to you, then, to swim against the current and go to the beach during low season, when you could even have a whole paradise, like Punta Leona, only for yourself?

If that’s the case, here are some reasons why you should become the person who decides to go at his own pace and enjoy, without complications, the opportunity to get in touch with yourself in a peaceful environment:

1. You can do relaxing activities: if you want to get in touch with nature and with yourself, the last thing you need is a beach full of people. Instead, not having so many tourists around you will give you silence and the ideal environment to do very relaxing activities. For example, you can practice some yoga, meditate or even try an activity as simple as reading meanwhile you listen to the sea waves or falling raindrops. Just close your eyes and imagine how relaxing can be to have a beautiful place like Playa Blanca only for you.

You can also take advantage to pamper your senses with a massage and spend a day of absolute relaxation in a spa. Of course, at Hotel Punta Leona we have all the facilities for it, as well as the best professionals, so you can totally relax yourself.

2. You can experience the local life as it is: according to many travelers, there is always something artificial in tourist places, which seem more built to make an impression on those who visit them than to show their true essence. However, when there are not so many people to impress, you can really experience that genuine local life of those who live on the coast, without having the distractions of many tourist events around you. Definitely, an opportunity to get in touch with the true local spirit of the people who live on the beach and know their way of living more closely.

3. You can organize a few days of work in another environment: a change of air refreshes the ideas. In our days, with internet, it is possible to organize at least a few days of working online from the beach and refresh yourself with a change of environment. Also, if you have some kind of project that you haven’t been able to continue, the sea breeze could give you the impetus to move in the right direction and inspire you. Being surrounded by nature and silence is often just what you need to turn your work around and move forward.

At Hotel Punta Leona we offer you all the facilities to do so, like good internet connection, business rooms and even special packages in case you want to also include your work team.

4. Take advantage of low prices: the laws of supply and demand lean more in your favor when the mass of people have decided to leave the beach and leave it all to you. In case of accommodation, as well in case of special activities, you can surely find discount packages to take advantage of those days in an intelligent way and to benefit your bank account.

5. Explore more with the same amount of money: two days at the beach or a whole week? The decision seems obvious if you are passionate about the beach itself. The good news is that in low season, you could spend a whole week next to the sea with the same budget that you would invest, for example, in two days in high season. Also choosing this option allows you to explore more with the same budget and to give you a treat in restaurants or with special activities. Enjoy more with less money, anyway. A smart choice.

As you see, going to the beach in low season brings many advantages, both for your pocket and for your personal rest. So give yourself the treat of daring not to always follow the mass and come to Punta Leona!.