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Paddle Board

It is, perhaps, the closest experience you will ever have to walk on water.

Practicing paddle board has become trendy and, indeed, has begun to put many people effectively on the waves. But, beyond a simple trend, truth is that it is a physical activity that offers benefits to your health.

If you want to practice it, here are five reasons to hop on a board and paddle, not just for getting fun, but for getting also a healthier body:

1. It offers a low risk of injury: being a low impact sport, the risk of injury is, as well, quite low. In fact, paddle board is recommended for people who are recovering from an injury and want to start getting their strength back again. The soft movements you need to move forward are beneficial for muscles and joints. If you are experiencing hip or knee pain, it will work for you.

2. It improves balance: standing on a board requires strength in your legs, as well as stability in your upper limbs. It helps you to concentrate and to improve your overall posture, even after you return to mainland.

3. It allows you to exercise your whole body: talking about balance, practicing paddle board allows you to exercise all your limbs. While the legs make the effort to maintain you on the board, your arms, shoulders and back will do the rest in order to keep you moving on the water. In short, your whole body will be in action to give you, at the same time, a fun time.

4. It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise: if you spend a long time practicing paddle board, you will have a cardiovascular exercise as productive as if you do aerobics or go for a run. If you want to add some adrenaline, you can also take part in races and make it fun.

5. It reduces stress: it is more than known that, when you exercise, your body produces substances like endorphins that naturally relax you. However, if we add the water’s sound when we move the oar, the feeling of floating, the vitamin D that you receive from the sun and the chance to get in touch with nature, it is a fact that stress will sink into the sea.

When you visit Hotel and Club Punta Leona, you will find ideal places to enjoy this activity, like Playa Blanca, where the waves are not usually very strong. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to practice paddle board even if you are a beginner.

So come on! It is, without a doubt, an experience of balance with nature and with yourself that will give benefits to your body and mind.