Bird watching

With over 330 species of birds, including the spectacular scarlet macaw, toucans, woodpeckers, flycatchers and Owls, among others, Hotel Punta Leona is considered to be an excellent place for bird watching.

Join our bilingual guide for an early morning walk through the Tropical Forest and the chance to admire the beautiful colors of the exotic birds living in the area.

Bird watching in Punta Leona

Birth of macaws on live video streaming

Since August 2015, as part of our conservation program in Hotel and Club Punta Leona, we have placed cameras in three nests to monitor macaws in the privacy of their natural life. And now one of them is about to see her offspring being born, an event that you can witness in a live broadcast through this link:

More information on our birds...

galbula ruficauda The Gorrion de Montaña likes to habitat open and secondary forests.